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Semi Automated Machine

Lot more machines than is shown here, just have not had time to update this page.

SAM 1 Element Threading Machine

SAM 2 Rebuilt This machine drills the hole in the Connector Block for the BNC connector used in the Arrow II Antennas.

SAM 3 Saw for making Saddles

SAM 4 & 5 The twins that drills the holes in the Shorting Bar - has been replaced by SAM 9

SAM 6 Drills the Booms for the Arrow II Antennas.

SAM 7 Drills the Booms for Solid Element Yagi's Uses Two Drill Presses to drill two holes at once.

SAM 8 Installs the threaded inserts into the Elements (Arrow Shafts).

SAM 9 Has 3 drill presses that drill the 3 different hole sizes in the Shorting Bar.

SAM 10 Buffs the 1/4 inch & 3/8 inch solid elements.

SAM 11 Cuts almost all the small parts, Mounting Brackets, Saddles, J-Pole Brackets, plus a lot more.

SAM 12 a&b 2 Threading Machines for 1/4-20 threads on the "L" Bolt for the M/B II Mounting Bracket.

SAM 13 Tapping Machine just for the 2 piece OSJ Elements.

SAM 14 Work in progress. This one will take awhile. An X Y Drill Press.

SAM 15 Automatic Tapping Machine for tapping the 1/4-20 threads in Arrow II Booms (Camera Tri-Pod Mount)

SAM micro Controler starting with SAM 16

SAM 16 New 3/8"-24 Threading Machine - Does the job of SAM 1, so it can take a rest

SAM 17 Another Automatic Tapping Machine like SAM 15 for tapping holes in other Parts.


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