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- Instructions -

Below is a list of all the "Instruction Sheets" that are available.

Arrow II Antennas: About SWR

146/437-10 Satellite Antenna (PDF)

146/437-14 Alaskan Arrow Satellite Antenna (PDF)

146-4 (PDF)

146-4BP (PDF)

146-3 (PDF)

220-3 (PDF)

121.5-3 (PDF)

121.5/406-10 (PDF)

437x14 (PDF)

440-3 (PDF)

440-5 (PDF)

440-7 (PDF)

52-1BP (PDF)

10W (PDF)

Solid Element Yagi Antennas: About SWR

146-4 Stacked Set (PDF)

146-4S (PDF)

162-4S (PDF)

220-5S (PDF)

440-5S (PDF)

146/440-9S (PDF)

6 Meter Antennas: About SWR

52-4S (PDF)

GP52 (PDF)

52-1BP (PDF)

Corner Reflectors (Corner Beams): About SWR

CR146/440 (PDF)

CR146 (PDF)

CR155 (PDF)

CR220 (PDF)

CR440 (PDF)

Arrow Planes (Ground Planes): About SWR

GP126 (PDF)

GP146 (PDF)

GP146/440 (PDF)

GP52 (PDF)

Open Stub J-Poles: About SWR

OSJ 146/440 (PDF) , SWR Chart , 2 Meter Rad. Plot , 70 cm Rad. Plot About SWR

OSJVHF (Business Band, Marine, & MURS) (PDF) , SWR Plot About SWR

OSJ 155/460 (Search Rescue) (PDF)

OSJ 152/462 (MURS/GMRS) (PDF)

OSJ 220 (PDF)

Mounting Brackets:

M/B - Mounting Bracket for 1 inch Booms (PDF)

M/B II - M/B II Mounting Bracket for Arrow II Type Antennas (PDF)

Fox Hunting Equipment:

Fox Hunt Loop - UHF (PDF)

Fox Hunt Loop - VHF (PDF)

Offset Attenuator (PDF)


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