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4 MHz. Offset Fox Hunt Attenuator

Ideal for the Fox Hunt Loop and Arrow II Antennas

This could very well be the best Offset Attenuator ever made.

It uses a 4 MHz. sine wave instead of a square wave used in most Offset Attenuators.
This reduces the interference from pagers and other radio services.

All metal case for better shielding.
Very Important for using with a null type antenna, such as the Fox Hunt Loop.
2M- Minimum attenuation- 30db. Maximum attenuation- 82db
70cm- Minimum attenuation- 31db, Maximum attenuation- 72db

Close up View

Weighs just 2 1/2 Oz.

Size is 1 1/2" by 3 1/2"
including the connectors.

3 Volt Lithium Battery

Battery Life is over 100 Hours.

BNC Mounts directly on an HT


Tune your Receiver 4 MHz. above the DF Frequency.
Rotate the knob clockwise to turn on the attenuator & increase the attenuation.
Turn off when not in use.
Frequency range is 23 MHz to 500 MHz.

It's just that Simple

Transmitting may damage the unit.

Built by Reed Electronics

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