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Open Stub J-Poles

Photos of the OSJ 146/440
Mount Side close up
Other Side

Connector is SO239 Only

Maximum Power - Only been tested to 1,000 Watts, it may take the whole 1500

About SWR

My OSJ 146/440 J-Pole went through 3 hurricanes in 6 weeks, with gusts speeds, on occasion,
as high as 153 MPH. No damage at all, and it kept right on ticking.
G. W. Seely NA6P

After reading the reviews on eHam.netI'm almost ashamed I don't already own one! KC2RFC
Very pleased with the J-Pole I received, quality built, very well packed, fast shipment, reasonably priced,
performs in an outstanding manner with incredibly low SWR.  Why can't other businesses be like this?
Phillip Johnson KI4EYM

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OSJ - Model OSJ 146/440 Dual Band J-Pole (FREE SHIPPING)
OSJ - Model OSJ 146/440 Dual Band J-Pole with Extra Labor Charge for Two Piece Element (FREE SHIPPING)

(Will also fit in the Antenna Bag if ALL the elements are removed from the bracket.)

OSJ - Business Band, Marine Band & MURS 150-162 MHz
OSJ - Dual Band 155/460 MHz - Search & Rescue
OSJ - Dual Band GMRS & MURS - 152/462 MHz.
Extra Labor Charge for each two piece element.
The long element is made in two pieces, each piece is then chucked into a lathe, A hole drilled in the center of each piece, the end turned so it is flat and square. Then both are threaded 8-32. A 1 inch long set screw is attached to the upper section so the two pieces can be screwed together. The angle bracket is also drilled and tapped so the top element can be attached to the bracket for storage or transport.

10 Pack

Special for Radio Clubs etc. OSJ 146/440 - 10 Pack
(Packaged in Bulk)

10 Pack must be 10 of all the same Model of OSJ (Except for E.L.C.)

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