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Because the antenna is hand held, power should be kept to less than 10 watts maximum. If mounted, maximum power is 150 watts.

3, 4 or 5 Elements (specify below)
Element spacing is .2 wavelength
Maximum Power is 150 Watts,
but because the antenna is hand held
power should be kept below 10 Watts.
Boom is 3/4" Sq. with round corners. (T6061 Aluminum)
Elements are Easton Aluminum Arrow Shafts.
Gamma Match is attached to half of the driven element.
Connector is available as female BNC only.

We make this antenna custom

in the range of 102 - 500 MHz.

3 Different Prices.

371 - 500 MHz. only .
171 - 370 MHz. only .
102 - 170 MHz. only .

Boom & Element Length will depend
on the Frequency it is made for.
Bandwidth will vary from about 3 MHz. at 102 MHz.
to over 25 MHz. at 500 MHz.
During checkout, you will see a place for Instructions to the Seller. Be sure to include your phone number. If you don't see that place, please email to
Enter Frequency Here. Then Press TAB: MHz. - 3 Element Hand Held (Custom). Then click the add to cart button on the left.
Split Boom Fee. (Add to your cart if you want the boom split.)
4 elements instead of 3. (Add to your cart if you want a 4 element antenna instead of 3.)
5 elements instead of 3. (Add to your cart if you want a 5 element antenna instead of 3.)
7 elements instead of 3. (Add to your cart if you want a 7 element antenna instead of 3.) Please be aware that 7 elements will be a long antnena for the lower frequencies. We may not be able to ship your antenna due to length. If this is the case, we will contact you and refund your order.
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