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Arrow II Portable Antennas M/B Mounting Bracket 6 Meter Yagi Instruction Sheets
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52-1BP 52-1BP

6m dipole antenna for SOTA with optional element sets for other bands.

52-1BP antenna design courtesy of KB7NRN John Bauman
This antenna was designed for those who climb mountains to make contacts, such as SOTA.
The element sets below can be used with this antenna so that only one boom has be be carried.

The rear section of the boom works like the 146/437-10. It can hold 3 elements on 146 MHz, 7 elements on 440 MHz or 4 elements on 220 MHz.
The front and rear sections together can be used like the 146/437-14. This can hold 4 elements on 146 MHz, 10 elements on 440 MHz or 4 elements on 220 MHz as well as the dipole for 6m.
Our duplexer can be added as well to make use the antenna as a satellite antenna. Duplexer can be ordered here.
This antenna can only be ordered with a split boom and BNC connector.
For more details see the instructions for this antenna.
Our 40" bag will hold this antenna.

The element sets can be used one set at a time on the antenna except for satellite configuration.

Maximum power is 150 watts when mounted on a mast away from people.

Maximum power while handheld is 10 watts.

Normal 52-1BP Arrow II Dipole (As shown in the pictures above).
(The boom has the holes for the other element sets below).

This must be ordered. The element sets below can be ordered to go with it.
222 MHz 6 element set.
146 MHz 4 element set.
440 MHz 10 element set.
Upgraded boom. If you already have a 52-1BP antenna and want the new boom order this.
The new boom is 63" long. The old boom was 60" long. It is also not split in the correct place.
So, the old boom can't be used with this new setup. Your 52 MHz arrow shaft elements will still be usable.


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