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Arrow II Satellite Antenna Drawing
Arrow II Satellite Antenna Photo

"BP" Stands for Back Pack - Two-piece Boom - Split boom.
Work a satellite with an HT.
3 elements on VHF. 7 elements on UHF.
Gamma matches come pre-assemble.
BNC only.
The Arrow II line of Antennas has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size & weight.
Only About 19 oz. (split boom add 1 oz.)
Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for elements.
The 2 Gamma Matches (shown above) are pre-assembled & pre-tuned. One connector for VHF and one for UHF. Only female BNC is available.
(Duplexer & Cables included with 10W Models only).
The Boom is 3/4" square (with rounded corners) and 37 1/2" long.
Model BP Split Boom longest part is less than 22 inches long.
Note the big black foam grip for comfortable holding.
Under the foam grip, the boom is drilled & tapped with a 1/4-20 hole for most camera tri-pods.
Boom & elements all have plastic tips for safety.
We have had many questions about how to remove the foam handle grip without tearing it. Video showing how to do so using isopropyl alcohol is here..
Because the antenna is hand held, power should be kept to less than 10 watts maximum. If mounted and away from people, maximum power is 150 watts.

146/437-10 Solid boom without duplexer. Use two radios with this antenna. (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)
146/437-10BP Split boom without duplexer. Use two radios with this antenna. (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)
(Will fit in the Optional Roll up Bag.)
146/437- 10WSolid boom with duplexer. Use one radio with this antenna. (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)
146/437-10WBP Split boom with duplexer. Use one radio with this antenna.
(Will fit in the Optional Roll up Bag.)
Male SMA to BNC Adaptor - - To Connect BNC Cables to your SMA equipped Radio (Some Yaesu and ICOM Radios.)
Female SMA to BNC Adaptor - - To Connect BNC Cables to your SMA equipped Radio (Wouxon and Baofeng and some Yaesu Radios.)
Male SMA Duplexer instead of BNC - - This charge is to include a MALE SMA duplexer instead of BNC. Please note that we don't offer female SMA. Please check carefully to ensure that you are ordering what your radio requires. This requires ordering a 146/437-10W or 146/437-10WBP above. (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)
18" boom extension at the back of the boom with copper boom splice. This is a flat spice instead of angled like our split booms. This can be used for counterweight or mounting your HT on the boom. This requires ordering a 146/437-10XXX variant above. ALSO, the duplexer must be removed from the boom to use the extension. See here for instructions to remove the handle grip using isopropyl alcohol as a lubricant. This cannot be added to an antenna previously purchased.

If you purchase this for a previously purchased antenna, you have to ream out the back of the boom to 5/8". We caution you in doing this. If you don't know how, you should not do it!
Arrow II Mounting Bracket (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)
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Duplexer for 146/437-10 Satellite Antenna (10 Watts Max.)
Q. I have a Full Duplex, Dual Band Radio with a built in duplexer, why do I need another Duplexer ?

A. That is why, Your Radio only has one Connector, the Antenna has two. (1 for VHF & 1 for UHF)
The 10WDuplexer allows you to hear the down link while you are transmitting.
It also has the coax cables to connect your radio to the antenna.

Q. What is the maximum power that can be transmitted through the Arrow II Satellite Antenna?

A. Maximum power is 150 watts without the duplexer and 10 watts with the duplexer.

Q. What is the gain of this antenna?

A. Click here to read about gain.

What is it ? And How to cut your boom to make it a Split Boom or Buy One.


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